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  • It broke the touch and the display of my Smartphone / Tablet, how should I proceed?

    The breaking of the touch screen and / or display device, unfortunately, not covered by the warranty. For they can be provide a quote is necessary that the technical visionino the product. We invite you therefore to go to one of our authorized service center that will provide the necessary directives. The list can be viewed on our website under "Service Centers."

  • The touch screen of my Smartphone / Tablet does not work well. What can I do to fix it?

    The capacitive touch screen needs no calibration for their particular characteristics. If you run into a malfunction it is necessary to send the product in for service.

    CAUTION: If our technicians verify that this problem is caused by a bump or a crush it will be carried out a repair estimate.

  • Why should I create a Gmail account?

    The free Gmail account is critical to have the Android device to date and interactive. By running it from the apparatus log you can download thousands of applications (free and paid) from the Android Market (Play Store Service) that allow any type customization. Recall that in order to access the internet connection is required.

  • Can I install a newer version of Android on my Smartphone / Tablet?

    The compatible software, which can be downloaded and installed on products Trevi, are only those issued by our brand. Other software, downloaded from different sites, do not guarantee correct operation and will remove any warranty.

  • How do I connect my Smartphone / Tablet PC to transfer files?

    To connect the smartphone to the PC using the "Mass Storage" function, it will be sufficient to connect the same to the PC using only the USB cable. Once scrolled (or clicked) the notifications area must select USB "connected" and then later click "Turn on USB storage."
    Your PC will automatically display two new connected devices, respectively, the internal memory of the phone and that available on the Micro-SD card.
    Given the limited data storage capacity of the phone, you should always use the free space on the external memory card for multimedia management.

  • How do I restore factory data on my device?

    CAUTION: recall that this operation will erase all data and applications present inside the appliance.
    To be able to restore data when you first start you need to follow the following guidelines:

    Menu-> Settings-> Backup and ripristino-> of manufactured data reset> Clear phone memory (select) -> Reset phone-> Erase everything.

    (This is a generic example, in some models this string may differ on some words.)

  • Can I charge my Tablet / Smartphone via PC or netbook?

    Yes, it is possible to carry out charging the device via the PC. We point out, however, that the charging cycle will have a greater timing and in this regard we recommend the use of our Power Bank for optimal battery charging.

  • Because it understands that the internal memory is different from the specifications declared?

    The Flash memory devices (such as that of a hard disk of a PC) is different from the formatting of the preparation as a result of that use device. FLASH memory is divided into three main parts: the first is designated to management data and for the Android operating system, while the other two are the 'space' for applications and video, photos, music and other documents.

  • Why my device overheats?

    E 'normal that the temperature rise of the device after a constant use or while it is connected to the charger. All electronic devices must dissipate a good part of the electricity that feeds them in the form of heat which must be discharged to the outside to avoid burning the processor. Therefore, the more it is put under such a processor effortlessly through the operation more the device will tend to heat up.

  • An application within the device it will close by itself or sometimes freezes, why?

    It may happen that an application is shut down abnormally or closes abruptly returning a pop-up error. This may depend on several factors, including:

    • incompatibility with third-party applications;
    • unexpected errors even on native applications;
    • configurations / incorrect procedures when using the device.

    If it is a third party application, then we suggest in the first instance to uninstall and reinstall the application. If even then you do not appreciate the improvements, you will need to contact the manufacturer to know its compatibility with the product.

    We recommend proceeding directly with a reset to factory settings when to stop is a native application or system.

  • Every time I turn on my KidTab always starts the Mofing Kids, how can I restore the Android system and use the regular Tablet?

    Once turned on the device and unlocked commands to the first start-up, there is shown a window where you can select either the normal Android operating system, or the Mofing UX (Mofing Kids). If you start getting the Mofing is because in this screen has entered the check as "default boot." In order to remove the tick just click on "Parental Controls", "Settings", select "Programs", click on "all", scroll down and select "Mofing UX" and finally click "Clear Default". At this point you should not click on the Home button and select "Applications Launcher." If you experience difficulty, on our page Youtube is the reference video tutorial .

  • The GPS in my smartphone / tablet shows a wrong position.

    It accurately and with some types of telephone subscriptions GPS slows or wrong, this is due to the limitation of the data stream near the end of the subscription tariff plan by mobile operators.

    In case there is a situation described above occur with accuracy rate plan with your mobile operator (data traffic used).

  • I put a lock code (password) in my Smartphone / Tablet do not remember, how can I unlock it?

    Unfortunately, to unlock the appliance will need to reinstall the entire operating system, therefore, all the data present inside the device will be lost. Bring the equipment to the service center nearest you that will restore. We remind you that the operation has paid since the problem is not due to the unit to function poorly but to misuse by the user.

  • My smartphone / tablet behaves unexpectedly or applications crash unexpectedly.

    Perhaps during the installation of certain applications you were lost data or there are malicious applications that destabilize the phone's operating system, and then uninstall the app and reinstall it.

    Try restarting your phone and check if the operation is returned to adjust.

    If the problems are still present, then you must restore the OS Make a backup copy of all personal data because the reset will erase everything.

    CAUTION: recall that this operation will erase all data and applications present inside the appliance

    Menu> Settings> Backup and Reset> Factory data reset> Clear Storage Phone (select)> Reset Phone> Clear All.

  • There is always a download arrow in my smartphone / tablet. Why?

    Verify that you have the space required by the application on the phone or SD card, then try to reinstall the application.

  • It does not operate the keyboard 08 KB on my Tablet

    To use the Bluetooth keyboard KB 08 with some devices, including those marked SAMSUNG, you may need to download the application from the Play store BlueKeyboard (in the section Free) because, even setting the keyboard layout on English language (US), the device could maintain the settings of the Italian keyboard. After downloading the application, and you pair the keyboard KB 08 device via Bluetooth connection, follow the steps below:
    - Go to the Settings menu;
    - Select "Language and input";
    - On the right, under "Keyboard and input methods" remove the check mark from "Google Voice Typing" and put the check mark on "BlueKeyboard";
    - Confirm by selecting OK on the screen that will appear later;
    - Select the symbol of the wheel on the right side and, with Shift + Spacebar keys on the keyboard, set the language Inglese (US).

  • How can I preserve the efficiency of the battery of my tablet / smartphone?

    For greater durability and efficiency of the battery, recharge it only when your phone displays "low battery" and once the charging process began to wait until the completion of the same. The battery is a component subject to wear and partial refills reduce its duration.

  • Why on my Tablet model is missing the Play Store and download it does not me? 

    In all our models of tablet the Play Store installed. For some, however, it is just simply hidden. In order to enable you need to position yourself so within the "Settings", scroll down to "Developer options" and place the check to "show google application". After that among the app you will also see the Play Store.

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