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  • Can I get spare parts directly?

    No, Trevi does not provide for sending original spare parts directly to private customers under warranty or for a fee. The only way to obtain the replacement of a spare part is to send the telephone for assistance, with the exception of directly exportable parts that can only be requested from one of our authorized service centers. We also remind you that tampering with the product by attempted repair by unqualified personnel will result in the immediate termination of the warranty.

  • I bought the phone less than 24 months ago and an accessory got damaged. They told me this piece is not covered by the warranty. Because?

    The accessories, as they are subject to intensive use, have a 6-month warranty, after which the company will not replace the accessory, but it will be necessary to purchase a new one.

  • I can no longer find the purchase receipt, can I still send the phone for assistance?

    NO. The receipt or invoice are the only documents required to be able to send a product for assistance and therefore for the repair of a fault under warranty.

  • How can I send my Trevi product for repair to an authorized service center?

    1) VIA COLLECTION CENTER: it is possible to deliver the product directly to one of the Collection Centers scattered throughout the national territory. To check the nearest collection center, we recommend consulting our dedicated page Service Centers.
    2) THROUGH THE STORE: it is also possible to send your product to Trevi central assistance, through the shop where it was purchased (only if still under warranty).

    ATTENTION! The company is exempt from any liability arising from any damage due to transport due to inadequate packaging.

  • I sent my phone in for warranty repair, but I received a quote for another type of repair. Because?

    Trevi carries out an initial verification procedure for each request for assistance and / or repairs on the product sent, during which any discrepancies between the fault complained of and the actual state of the telephone are assessed. If at this stage any faults not mentioned in the product repair sheet should be found, Trevi will notify you of an estimate.

  • How can I find out the repair status of my phone?

    If the product was sent through the retailer, or by using one of the Authorized Collection Centers, you can request information on the repair status directly from the same retailer or collection center where you went. We therefore invite you not to contact Trevi Centralized Technical Assistance directly, as we would not be able to give you adequate support on a case not managed directly.

  • What is the Serial Number and how to find it?

    The serial number (or serial number) is an identification number uniquely assigned to distinguish an example of a series. On our models you can find it on the rating label (product label) on the back of each device. The abbreviation can also be referred to as "S/N". On Tablets and Smartphones it is also possible to find it on the box.

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