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  • Why is my ET 335 not connecting to the TV?

    This device has the possibility to connect to the TV through two different ways. The first is through "Screen Mirroring", the second is through "DNLA". Since the procedure is different, we always recommend that you read the instruction manual CAREFULLY so that you are familiar with the procedure.
    ATTENTION: For correct operation it is essential that your Android device supports the "wireless display" function (this item may vary depending on the make and model used).

  • Why aren't channels stored on my TV?

    The digital terrestrial in the models 2919, 2922 and 2916 receives a maximum of 120 channels. For this reason it is only necessary to perform some specific searches on the frequencies of the channels of interest starting with the empty channel database. To delete the entire memory used, it is necessary to carry out an automatic search with the antenna disconnected from the TV and then proceed manually to memorize the channels not exceeding the limit of 120.
    To trace the frequencies, check on the websites: (only for RAI channels), (for mediaset free channels and any paid channels that can be omitted if the CAM is not used), or . Alternatively, to trace the frequencies (especially for the addition of some local channel) you can also use the information of any decoder or other televisions (info button or display).

  • I can't schedule recording on my IP 360 because there is no channel information, why?

    The information contained in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is provided directly by the local broadcaster and not by the device. If the antenna to which it is connected fails to receive this information or is not sent at all, the IP 360 does not allow scheduled recording. It is advisable to always keep the device connected to the Wi-Fi network.

  • Is the DT 325 TV compatible with my Tablet and Smartphone?

    To be compatible with these devices, the DT 325 TV requires the following characteristics:
    1) Dual-core processor or higher;
    2) OS Android 4.0.3 or higher;
    3) The device must support the USB OTG function (i.e. support external devices connected to the Micro USB socket).
    ATTENTION : if you do not know this information, it is advisable to contact your manufacturer to know its compatibility.

  • Can I supply my LTV 2116 CD / DVD with a power supply higher than 12V?

    Absolutely NOT. If the threshold is exceeded, the TV burns out.

  • My IP 330 / ET 335 restarts once connected, why?

    This device takes power directly from the TV via the USB socket. The problem arises when the USB socket on the TV does not provide the necessary power for the device to perform processor startup and operations. In this case it is necessary to use an external power supply that has 5V 1A.

  • I can't perform the first installation and configure the SAT 3387 satellite decoder, what to do?

    In order to install the satellite channels correctly, it is necessary to carefully read and follow the detailed instructions HERE

  • I can't find the channels on the satellite TV, why?

    In this case it is necessary to check that the channel search has been carried out on the correct satellite as each dish can be oriented in the direction of a different signal. In Italy the HotBird and Astra satellites are used. It is therefore advisable to set these satellites and then scan them later.

  • Why doesn't the HD 3385 TT change channel in direct recording?

    In direct recording, it is only possible to change channels if the channel in question is broadcast by the same broadcaster. For example, it is not possible to record a Rai channel and view a Mediaset channel.

  • When I turn it on, the TV sound is always set to the same level even if I turn it off to a different level, why?

    If this feature occurs, it is necessary to disable the "Hotel function" as the default audio level is set in it at each start.

  • Why doesn't the satellite TV store the channels in order for me?

    Unfortunately, these TV models do not have automatic channel sorting and therefore it is not possible to set them in sequence during the storage phase.

  • I can't find RAI HD channels on the SAT TV (LTV 1902 SAT, LTV 2204 SAT, LTV 4004 SAT).

    This operation is valid for those who are in possession of a TIVUSAT HD card and cam who cannot find the RAI HD channels. It is valid for LTV 1902 SAT, LTV 2204 SAT and LTV 4004 SAT models. And & rsquo; First of all, it is necessary to check that this card is enabled for the service. In the absence of it, the Rai and Mediaset channels will in any case not be available on the satellite. RAI HD broadcasts have recently changed the transponder used, varying both the frequency and the video encoding. In order to allow the TV SAT to store these channels in its database, it is necessary to change some parameters in the settings. For more information, please write an email to

  • I would like to use the smart box to play photos read from a USB key on a monitor connected via HDMI. How do I do it?

    Once the smart TV box has been connected to the TV via the appropriate HDMI cable, insert the USB key into the 365 and in the "Meù" select "my Apps" and go to "Gallery".
    ATTENTION : once the "Gallery" app is open, you must wait for the image files on the stick to be loaded. The display is not instantaneous. The larger the files, the longer it takes for them to be displayed.

  • Can I download contents with Netflix to the box (Smart TV Internet Box 4K Android QuadCore Bluetooth TREVI IP 365 S2) to watch them on offline TV or do I always need a Wi-Fi connection?

    The IP 365 S2 behaves like a normal Tablet / Smartphone, so movies can be downloaded for offline viewing. However, keep in mind that it has an internal memory of 8GB. The device is not limited to simply connecting to your TV like chromecast.

  • In the IP 365 S2 no audio is heard during video playback.

    In this case you need to check that the video file in question does not have Dolby audio as the codec of the device does not support this type of audio file.

  • Can I connect the 2010 HD / HE to my dvr and for video surveillance via the HDMI connection?

    The HDMI socket of the TV 2010 HD / HE is only a video output and cannot be used for input signals.

  • 2230 Frame Update Note

    At the first start-up, during the wizard, it is possible that the system detects an update of the Frameo application.
    1) At the Update available notice, press INSTALL. Important note: if you are doing the guided procedure, finish the required settings and then perform the update (at the Update available message press DISMISS).
    2) The photo frame will start updating (Loading window) by downloading the update package.
    3) At the end of the operation a warning window will appear (installation blocked), press SETTINGS and enable the UNKNOWN SOURCES tick, confirm with OK.
    4) Turn off the photo frame by long pressing the POWER button and confirming the OFF command.
    5) Turn on the photo frame by long pressing the POWER button.
    6) When the update available reappears, press INSTALL and at the next window press INSTALL.
    7) At the App installed confirmation window, press OPEN, the frame is now updated and ready for use.

  • The IP 365 S3 device does not allow the installation of NETFLIX from the Play Store, it says it is not compatible.

    The Netflix application does not have to be downloaded directly from the Play Store as it is already pre-installed on the device. It is necessary to use this version of the app, specially tested, to be able to enjoy its vision on our device. Other versions will not be compatible.
    In case of any problems (cancellation or corruption) it is possible to request the working application directly from our customer service at the email .
    ATTENTION : Netflix only works for 365 S3, NOT usable on 365 S1, 365 S2.

  • How can I download the applications not present in the smart tv / box store?

    In order to install applications not present on the device store, you need to enter the browser (world icon) and download the installation file using the search engine by typing "app name" + "apk" (example "Raiplay apk" ). Once downloaded, just enter the "download" list and click on the file to proceed with its installation.
    ATTENTION : First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the downloaded application is still compatible with the device you are using. It is possible that some applications do not have all the services anyway, in which case it is necessary to check that the downloaded version is the most recent. In order to consult the list of compatible Apps, you must contact customer service at 0541/691850 or at the email address

  • I cannot browse the Netflix list or perform some operations on the TV.

    In this case it is necessary to enable the virtual mouse cursor by clicking the "mouse or size / mouse" item on the remote control. A mouse cursor icon will appear on the screen with which it will be possible to move around to carry out the necessary operations. Alternatively, you can also connect a wireless mouse via the USB socket on the TV.

  • How to install the Raiplay app on the LTV 3209 Smart TV.

    For the installation, you need to follow the following procedure:
    1) Uninstall the Raiplay app installed from the Store and download the raiplay.apk file from the browser;
    2) Copy the downloaded file to a previously emptied USB key, preferably formatted;
    3) Insert the USB key into the USB socket of the TV and turn on the TV;
    4) Go to the smart section of the TV and press the remote control button to bring up the menu;
    5) Select the Media item to view the contents of the USB key;
    6) Now look for the previously copied apk file and start it.
    You will be asked to install the app; once installation is complete, the Raiplay app will be present in the list of apps.

  • Reception of Mediaset HD tivùsat channels on the LTV 3206 television

    The exact frequency to watch Mediaset HD channels on the satellite under the Tivùsat bouquet is 11432 V 29900 3/4 DVB-S2 8PSK

  • Recording on HE3361, HE3362, HE3378, HE3375 and HE3368 decoders

    These decoders do not have the ability to record a program.

  • Sorting channels on digital terrestrial decoders

    We would like to point out that if the channels are moved, they will return to order every time the decoder is turned off. To remedy this, just manage a favorites list with the FAV key. The favorites list will always remain present and will not be deleted.

  • HE3362 decoder - info

    We inform you that to make the screen turn on, the procedure is this: insert the sensor, the various cables and then, lastly, the power supply (as per instructions).

  • HE3378 decoder - teletext

    Please note that this decoder does not have teletext. On request it is possible to have a software update, to remedy this lack. Just send an email to

  • RAI site on digital TV updates

    For more information, please consult the page dedicated to digital TV updates on the RAI site.

  • Sorting channels on decoder

    Our models allow the channel to be moved (so it is possible to move for example Rai3 Sardegna 822 until it is positioned between Rai2 and Retequattro), they allow it to be moved o cancellation of the old Rai3 channel (LCN 3) but does not allow to renumber channel 822 with number 3; this means that if you use the CH + or CH- keys to scroll through the channels, Rai3 Sardegna is displayed correctly between Rai2 and Retequattro but if you use the numeric keys to recall it, I cannot write "3" because it recalls the old channel. You need to type 822 on the remote control.

  • Screws for TV bracket installation for 19 "and 22"

    The Trevi TVs in question can be installed on the wall. As screws to be used, the ones inside the package for the feet / base should be used.

  • I don't see Mediaset in HD on satellite

    Mediaset in August 2021 changed the frequencies of its channels to HD. Here is a short guide:
    1) In satellite source, press the MENU button and select the Antenna item from the satellite list display screen, press the DISPLAY button (or info depending on the tv) to switch to the transponder list display screen;
    2) From the list of transponders, select 11432 V, relating to the frequencies of the Mediaset HD channels and press the GREEN modification key;
    3) Verify that the value corresponds to the Symbol (ks / s) entry is 29900. If you do not find this number but the number 27500, this must be changed. Once changed, search for channels again.

  • Conflict of channels with decoder or TV

    Our decoders have the possibility to choose during installation whether to resolve conflicts automatically or manually. Our TVs, depending on the models, at the end of the search ask whether to solve and / or order automatically or manually.
    In case of problems, in the decoders, depending on the model, we have software that activates the manual management of the conflict.

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