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  • I bought the CD 512 but does not turn on

    In order to turn on the CD 512 it is necessary to hold down the "PLAY / PAUSE" after moving the ignition switch to "ON" position.

  • Why in my CMP 498 do not respond to commands buttons?

    The model 498 CMP has the ability to lock the keypad to prevent them from being carried out accidental operation. To unlock it you must move the "HOLD" switch, located on the right coast of the device, in the "OFF".

  • It does not work on display in my VRA 782, why?

    To be able to view the display is necessary to remove the plastic tab beneath the rear flap. Be careful to remove it before inserting the 5 AA batteries it needs to operate.

  • I bought a soundbar Trevi but when you connect the TV learn from the instructions you need to accessory Mod. SC 34-62, can you suggest me where it is found?

    The piece it needs, or the SCART adapter to RCA connectors, you can find it at any electronics store.

  • I entered through the PC, audio files inside my MPV 1734 SD but can not find them, why?

    The player, as indicated in its appropriate instruction, supports MP3, WMA and WAV. If the uploaded file is not played or even seen it is not due to the extension of the file not consistent player.

  • Why in 1062/1064/1065 it stops audio playback before the end of the disc reading vinyl?

    Some vinyl records can be interrupted before the end, since the area of ​​the disc does not coincide with the settings of this unit. In that case, you must place the "AUTO STOP" switch to "OFF". In this way the disc will play to the end and will not stop automatically. CAUTION: the selector is positioned in different areas depending on the model and the version that is possesses. It is indicated in the instruction booklet.

  • How to store stations in DAB 790 R?

    This model has two types of stations: Radio DAB and FM radio. In both the storage procedure is the same with the premise to position itself ahead in one of two bands through the BAND button. After the sliding of the stations via the TUN- and TUN + keys must simply be placed on the desired frequency and for just memorize HOld one of the keys 1 to 5. In order to instead store the stations from 6 to 10 must first HOLD the SHIFT key and one of the numeric keys (1 to 5).

    WARNING: if the button is not pressed but will not store the station will call only one stored previously or the default if the box is empty.
    The DAB is also possible to make a complete search (Full Scan) where they will automatically stored stations found:
    1) Start with the DAB band;
    2) Press the MENU button ';
    3) Press the TUN + and position in FULL SCAN;
    4) Press the SEL button;
    Recall that such information is also contained in the instruction booklet, where there is also placed the key mapping.

  • Can I put the HTS 9410 outside?

    These speakers can be placed on the outside but ABSOLUTELY can not be exposed to the elements, as they are not waterproof.

  • Because my FSR1240 stop working after a few minutes and off?

    Such a model has the auto-off in the absence of signal. This occurs when the source volume, ie that of the TV to which it is attached, is so low that it deems absent. And 'necessary to keep the volume of the headphones down and the volume of high-TV.

  • My CR410 does not work, does not take any command, why?

    This device has in the back a switch called "pause" which allows the locking of the functions for saving battery. If set to ON, the 410 will not accept any commands.

  • The turntable 1100 can not read the 33/45 laps, how can I adjust the strength of the arm of the turntable support?

    On page 7 of the instruction booklet it is indicated in detail how to correctly position the weight of the turntable so that the needle is able to read the 33/45 rpm correctly. Below however, we leave the direct link to video tutorials where it is shown step by step actions to follow:

  • My 1075 does not read the USB stick, how come?

    E 'need to check that the USB stick used do not have the plug to be inserted (USB connector) shorter than the standard, thus causing no reading files.
    Unfortunately, the USB flash drives may have plugs of different lengths.

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