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  • I bought the CD 512 but it won't turn on

    To be able to turn on the CD 512 it is necessary to hold down the "PLAY / PAUSE" key after moving the ignition switch to the "ON" position.

  • Why are the buttons on my CMP 498 not responding to commands?

    The CMP 498 model has the ability to lock the keyboard to prevent accidental operations from being performed. To unlock it & egrave; it is necessary to move the "HOLD" selector, located on the right side of the device, to the "OFF" position.

  • The display in my VRA 782 is not working, why?

    In order to view the display, remove the plastic tab located under the rear door. Be careful to remove it before inserting the 5 AA batteries which it needs for operation.

  • I bought a Trevi soundbar but when I connect to the TV I learn from the instructions that the accessory Mod. SC 34-62 is needed, can you suggest me where it can be found?

    The piece you need, that is the SCART adapter for RCA connectors, can be found in any electronics store.

  • I have inserted, through the PC, some audio files inside my MPV 1734 SD but I can't find them, why?

    This player, as also indicated in its appropriate instructions, supports MP3, WMA and WAV format. If the inserted file is not played or even not seen it is due to the file extension not suitable for the player itself.

  • Why is it that in 1062/1064/1065/1020 the audio reproduction stops before the end of the reading of the vinyl record?

    Some vinyl records may stop before the end, as the disc area does not match the settings of this unit. In this case, it is necessary to set the "AUTO STOP" switch to "OFF". This will cause the disc to play to the end and will not stop automatically. ATTENTION: the selector is positioned in different areas according to the model and version you own. It is indicated in the instruction booklet.

  • How to store stations in the DAB 790 R?

    This model features 2 types of stations: DAB radio and FM radio. In both the memorization procedure is the same with the premise of positioning yourself first in one of the two bands using the BAND key. After scrolling through the stations using the TUN- and TUN + buttons you simply need to place yourself on the desired frequency and to memorize it just HOLD PRESSED one of the buttons from 1 to 5. To memorize the stations from 6 to 10 you must first HOLD the SHIFT button and one number buttons (1 to 5).
    ATTENTION: if the key is not held down it will not memorize the station but will only recall the one previously memorized or the default one if the box is empty.
    In DAB it is also possible to perform a Full Scan where the stations found will be automatically stored:
    1) Position yourself in the DAB band;
    2) Press the MENU button;
    3) Press the TUN + key and go to FULL SCAN;
    4) Press the SEL key.
    We remind you that this information is also contained in the instruction booklet where the key mapping is also located.

  • Can I put the HTS 9410 outside?

    These crates can be placed outside but ABSOLUTELY cannot be exposed to the elements, as they are not waterproof.

  • Why do my FSR1240s stop working after a few minutes and turn off?

    This model has self-shutdown in the absence of a signal. This happens when the source volume, ie that of the TV to which it is connected, is so low that it deems it absent. It is necessary to keep the volume of the headphones low and the volume of the TV high.

  • My CR410 doesn't work, it doesn't take any command, why?

    This device has a switch on the back called "pause" which allows the locking of the functions for battery saving. If set to ON, the 410 will not accept any command.

  • The turntable of the 1100 does not read 33/45 rpm correctly, how can I adjust the support force of the turntable arm?

    On page 7 of the instruction booklet it is shown in detail how to correctly position the weight of the turntable so that the needle is able to read the 33/45 rpm correctly. However, below we leave the direct link to the video tutorial where the steps to follow are shown step by step:

  • My 1075 does not read the USB stick, why?

    It is necessary to check that the USB key used does not have the electrical plug to be inserted (USB connector) that is shorter than the standard one, thus causing the files not to be read. Unfortunately, USB sticks can have plugs of different lengths.

  • The 1730 does not charge?

    To charge the battery of this model, it is necessary to move the selector on the side to "ON". If this selector is set to "OFF", the product will turn on but will not recharge.

  • Why does my XP 72 beep either while playing music or having a conversation?

    Such device model, when the battery is; when it is running out, it will emit an intermittent BEEP for a few minutes before turning off.

  • Non funziona la radio nel XR 85 BT

    During use in radio mode it is necessary to insert the Usb-microUsb cable supplied as an antenna.

  • How to turn on the XF 4200 DJ product

    1) Turn the main POWER switch on the back to the ON position;
    2) Wait 5 seconds until a message appears on the display (PRESS STANDBY BUTTON TO POWER ON);
    3) Press the STANDBY button on the unit. The center console will light up.

  • How to charge the smartphone or tablet on the XT 10A8 BT model

    Connect the smartphone / tablet to the appropriate USB CHARGE socket, do not use the other USB socket which is; dedicated to the use of memory sticks.

  • How to charge the smartphone or tablet on the XT 104 BT model

    Connect the smartphone / tablet to the appropriate USB CHARGE socket, do not use the other USB socket which is dedicated to the use of memory sticks.

  • Use of the USB port in the XF 1500 KB model

    The USB port is dedicated solely and exclusively to the use of memory sticks.

  • SB8340SW Equalizer

    This equalizer has the function active only in bluetooth and in USB.

  • The DAB 793 R radio does not last long

    This portable radio works both with 3 AAA batteries and with BL-5C rechargeable battery (not supplied), the radio also implements the charging circuit.
    With this BL-5C rechargeable battery (not supplied but commercially available) in DAB mode at half volume it can last almost 4 hours and 30 minutes, in FM just over 7 hours. The duration for a full charge of this battery is approximately 2 hours.

  • MDV6380 car radio connection

    We remember the exact connection of the car radio to the car. It is advisable to carefully follow the instructions, which say to connect the yellow cable to the battery and the red cable under the key. By not making this connection, the car stereo may have storage problems, loss of Bluetooth and damage to the battery of the car itself.

  • The car radio SCD5751 does not turn on

    This defect occurs when the assembly does not take place correctly. On p. 2 of the instructions shows the exact connection of the product.

  • Hiss in the FRS1480R headset

    In case of rustling on the headset in question, the following checks must be carried out:
    1) You may have lost the connection with the base: you need to check point 4 of the instructions.
    2) It may have a flat battery: check operation after having recharged the battery, making sure that the headset is placed correctly on the base (red LED on).
    If the headset is correctly positioned on the base, the lighting is as follows:
    1) If the base and headphone LEDs are off it means that the base does not recharge the headphone, same thing if the headphone remains with blue light. Check the connection with the base.
    2) There may be interference due to some nearby equipment; we recommend trying to connect the headphones in another room.

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