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IP Cameras

  • What are the advantages of IP video surveillance cameras than traditional CCTV cameras?

    The advantages  net that can be achieved using this technology rather than using other types of cameras are different. 
    The first advantage is linked to the  quality of the images  obtained with the IP cameras, even if not in fact choosing Megapixel or HD, namely the high end of the IP is still achieved of  images of higher resolutions than analog entry level .
    The second significant aspect of IP cameras is related to the  possibility of being accessible remotely , so these cameras can be configured and managed from either a remote PC or a Smartphone / Tablet. The great advantage is that  authorized users can have access to cameras and recordings , they can see videos and store and can do so even if you are too far away from the place you want to monitor. 
    The normal analog cameras have also a big drawback, they can only be connected to a coaxial cable recorder and have no possibility of expansion without the prior purchase of a new recorder with other channels,  IP cameras instead have an expandable grid within ' infinite  and above can be integrated with other systems using the Internet and connecting the network to a PC to be able to easily handle.

  • The first steps of the installation. 

    1) Insert the Ethernet cable into the camera input and connect the other end to your modem / router;
    2) Insert the power cable into the input of the camcorder, and connect the power supply to the location electricity grid;
    3) Insert the CD included in the package into your PC and install the software present: Trevi Super Client PnP and App Finder;
    4) Launch App Finder and click "Find";
    5) Select the IPCamera detected by the program and click "Apply" (you will be prompted to validate the authentication of the Username and Password on the label of IPCamera);
    6) Start Trevi Super Client PnP and click "Add Camera" or "+" button);
    7) Press the "Find" and select the IPCamera you want to install a subsequent confirmation with "OK";
    8) Name the IPCamera in the "Name" field and enter this password the back label of the device;
    8.1) If you want to connect to the IPCamera wi-fi network, you must select the SSID network you want to connect by clicking on "Set Wi-Fi" and setting the password for your network. Then remove the ethernet cable and wait one minute for the reboot dell'IPCamenra;
    9) Click "OK";
    NB To be able to set the wi-fi all'IPCamera must always first connect with the above procedure using the Ethernet cable.

  • How do I install the camera on the wall?

    The IPCamera can be hung on the wall using the plugs supplied. All three models are equipped with them. It is always better to do before the physical installation and then the network.

  • I need a drill?

    Yes, if you want to install the camera on the wall.

  • The camera is protected from water jets?

    The models VISION VISION 10B and 30M are not protected against water jets, while the VISION model 50E is protected (IP 66).

  • The waves transmitted from the wireless camera can influence or interfere with other wireless router type devices electric gate, etc.?

    No, because it uses the network signal.

  • If any thieves were using a jammer (jamming of frequencies) could knock out my indoor / outdoor video surveillance system? 

    Given that this device is only legally purchased by the police and there is therefore possible to carry out its tests, we can not provide a response in such circumstance.

  • Within how many meters do I take out of my house (privacy)? 

    These models also have infrared for night visibility. This visibility has maximum range of 15 meters.

  • What is the maximum distance from the router that I can install my camera? How can I improve the Wi-Fi signal?

    If you use the wi-fi the maximum distance, for the proper functioning dell'IPCamera, it is dictated by the maximum flow rate of the modem / router to which it is connected.
    If you instead use the connection to the ethernet cable has no limit.
    To improve the Wi-Fi signal, you can: change the antenna to your router (if possible). There are directional antennas and satellite dishes which greatly increase the coverage (up to kilometers).
    Change the router with a model with superior characteristics. Install WiFi access points or repeaters in remote areas with low coverage to bridge the gap between the router and the camera.
    Place the router or access point at the top.

  • If you change Internet service provider must reconfigure the wireless camera? 

    If the change of internet provider is also changed the modem / router the IPCamera should be reset. 

  • Where can I download the software for IP cameras? 

    All necessary software for proper use are present in the CD that came with IPCamera.

  • How long you can continuously record images on the computer's hard drive? 

    The recordings on the hard disk of the computer are limited only by your hard drive capacity, reached the recordings stop.

  • Can I be notified by SMS when the camera detects motion? 

    The camera does not send SMS, this is a service that would contract with a company that offers such services. The easiest way to receive alerts on a mobile device when a motion is detected is to configure the application "PnpCam.apk" after setting the alarm setting and have popped "Motion Detect Armed".
    Recall that also this app is present in the CD supplied and must be installed on the mobile device.

  • Besides images, the camera is able to transmit sound? 

    Yes, IP cameras with this option have a built-in microphone and speaker that lets you hear and speak through it. You can turn on and off with a click only the microphone, speaker, or both. You can practically hear and talk through the camera.
    But we must make a distinction between the various models:
    -The VISION 50E has neither the microphone or speaker;
    -The VISION 30M possesses both the microphone and speaker;
    -The VISION 10B has a microphone but needs external speakers (via the headphone connection) to act as a speaker.
    In VISION models 30M and 10B you can not record audio when recording is done via Micro SD.

  • What is the vision infrared? 

    This function allows the camera to see in total darkness. The infrared IP cameras are able to view images even in total darkness. There is therefore the need to leave the lights on. Images transmitted in infrared mode are not in color, but in shades of gray and have the same definition images in broad daylight.

  • Other tips to good use or maintenance?

    Recall that the VISION 10B and 30M are for internal use only, while the VISION 50E can also be used for outdoor use.
    We recommend that you always keep the lens clean to prevent dust Shell pictures and does not allow a correct vision of the movie.

  • Can I make it work IPCamera closed circuit?

    No, IP cameras necessarily require an internet connection to function.

  • I installed the camera on the PC but the image is upside down, why?

    Within the program "Ip super client" you need to check that in the settings of the camera is not inserted check "Image Flip".

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