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Clock Radio & Meteo Station

  • Why in my SLD 3068 does not work the led on the SNOOZE / LIGHT button?

    In reality this is not a LED but a sensor can be activated via a switch located on the back of the alarm. It allows the device to illuminate the display in total darkness situations. More is dark surrounding space the greater will be the brightness of the same.

  • How can I request a new external sensor for my weather station?

    For an additional external sensor it is necessary to send us the request only by our authorized service center. The list can be viewed on this website in the "service centers."

  • On what basis are made in my weather station?

    Our weather stations collect and provide information about the weather for the next 12-24 hours, displayed by symbols or moving icons. Such weather dependent barometric pressure recorded in the surrounding environment for which, changes in barometric pressure determine changes made in weather forecasting. Specifically, if the barometric pressure is dropping probably will rain; but if the pressure is increasing likely make good weather. The barometric pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury or Hektopascal. Of simple icons representing sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rain and snow, graphically display these changes, so that they can be simple and clear at first sight.

  • I was interested in your Weather Station Trevi ME 3105 with clock. Wondering if the backlit display remained steady at night.

    Being a product solely on battery power there is the possibility to leave the backlight always turned on. It takes about five seconds after pressing the back button "light".

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