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  • Why is my ET 335 does not connect to my TV?

    This device has the ability to connect to the TV via two different streets. The first is through the "Screen Mirroring", the second is through the "DLNA". Since the procedure is different always we recommend CAREFULLY read the instruction manual in order to be familiar with the procedure.

    WARNING: for correct operation it is essential that your Android device supports "wireless display" (this item may vary depending on the make and model used).

  • Because the channels are not stored on my TV?

    The digital models in 2919, 2922 and 2916 receives up to 120 channels. For this reason you need to run only specific research on frequencies in interest channels, starting with the empty channels database. To erase the entire memory used is necessary to perform an automatic search with the antenna disconnected from the TV. Proceed then manually to the storage of channels not exceeding the limit of 120.

    To trace the frequencies occur on the sites: (for RAI channels), (for free Mediaset channels and any pay channels that can be left out if you do not use the CAM), or www. or to go back to the frequencies (especially for adding some local channel) we can also serve the information of a decoder or any other TVs (info or display key)

  • I can not schedule the recording on my IP 360 because there are no channel information, why?

    The information contained in 'EPG (Electronic Program Guide) are provided directly by host and not from the device. If the antenna to which it is connected fails to receive such information or are not really sent, the 'IP 360 does not allow the scheduled recording. You should always keep the device connected to the Wi-Fi network.

  • The DT 325 TV is compatible with my Tablet and Smartphone?

    The DT 325 TV to be compatible with these devices requires the characteristics listed below:

    - Dual-core processor or higher;

    - Android OS 4.0.3 or higher;

    - the apparatus must support USB OTG function (ie support connected external devices to the Micro USB jack);

    ATTENTION: in the event that they did not know this information you should contact your manufacturer to know its compatibility.

  • I can provide to my LTV 2116 CD / DVD superior to 12V power supply?

    Absolutely not. In case of exceeding the threshold, the TV burns.

  • My IP 330 / ET 335 when connected restarts, why?

    This device takes power directly from the TV via the USB port. The problem arises at the time in which the USB socket of the television does not provide the necessary power for the device can boot and processor operations. In this case it is necessary to use an external power supply that has 5V 1A.

  • I can not make the initial installation and set up the satellite receiver SAT 3387, how do?

    In order to properly install satellite channels, you need to carefully read and follow in detail the instructions HERE

  • I do not find the channels in my LTV 2204 SAT, why?

    In this case it is necessary to verify that the channel search has been carried out on the correct satellite because each reflector can be tilted in the direction of different signal. In Italy we are used Hotbird and Astra satellites. And 'therefore it recommended to set these satellites to then subsequently scan.

  • Because the HD 3385 TT does not change channels in the direct recording?

    In the direct recording it is possible to change only one channel if the channel in question is transmitted by the same broadcaster. You can not, for example, record a Rai channel and view a Mediaset channel.

  • When switched on, the TV audio is always set at the same level even if I turned it off on a different level, why?

    If you experience this feature you must disable the "Hotel" function in that it is designed in the default audio level at each switch.

  • Why in the 2204 SAT, SAT 4801, 4004 SAT, SAT 3203 does not store my channels in order?

    Unfortunately, these TV models do not have the automatic ordering of the channels and is therefore not possible to set them in sequence during storage.

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